The experience of sleeping in rooms clinging to the cliff, as if suspended above the water, is in itself a good reason to stay in Chabalay. The three bungalows of 18m2 that originally existed have become spacious rooms of 30m2, including terrace and bathroom.
The authenticity of the bungalows, built mostly of wood, as well as the choice to keep fans rather than install air conditioning, extremely harmful to the planet.
The concern to protect the environment is indeed present, with the desire to eliminate the maximum use of plastic and save water, for example by offering guests to change the linen on demand.The interior is elegant, decorated with woodwork and purposely uncluttered furnishings, to fully appreciate the majesty of the natural setting.
The sea is omnipresent, highlighted by large windows that offer guests the pleasure of being able to contemplate the sunrise and the moon from their bed.

Aow Leuk

Aow Leuk Bay is one of the most beautiful sites in Koh Tao. A sumptuous turquoise color, clear waters, a white sand beach lined with coconut palms ... The place is also a favorite spot for snorkeling. Armed with fins, masks and snorkels, swimmers can swim among fish, corals and occasionally encounter a quiet green turtle. Sharks are present throughout the year to Shark Island, off the Bay of Aow Leuk, so swimmers from March to August will see many young sharks. Completely harmless and not shy, these graceful babies swim just a few meters from the shore.