The restaurant was built by hand by Zua and some friends

Recessed in the cliff, some rocks rise here and there near the tables, it magnificently overhangs the beach on one side and the waves on the other.
Its woven palm‐leaf roof is supported by impressive one‐piece beams rising majestically to the sky. In the evening, the moon comes to frame between the pillars, throwing on the sea its pale light.
Served on solid wood tables, the dishes are prepared wonderfully by the Thai cooks. They master their recipes perfectly, concocted from fresh and entirely homemade products. The best representatives of the local cuisine are panang (meat or tofu cooked in coconut milk and curry paste), tom yam (deliciously flavored lemongrass soup), laab (lime and herb salad) fresh or the inevitable pad thai (rice noodles sauteed).
The menu is enriched by some Western dishes, whose recipes have been collected from friends.
For example, the pasta carbonara was taught by a visiting Italian chef and the tomato sauce is that of the renowned French restaurant "Chez Albert".
Finally, Chabalay is one of the only Thai restaurants in Koh Tao offering a wide selection of quality wines and cocktails.