History & Philosophy

When Zua, from Surrattani, arrived in Koh Tao in 1999, he met Da and discovered Aow Leuk at the same time. The place, still wild at this time, is inhabited only by the family of Da. Only a few rudimentary bungalows overlook the beach. He decided to settle there.
Several decades later, some wooden deckchairs adorn the white sand, huts appeared on the waterfront, but the turquoise color of the water and its perfect clarity remained intact. Zua and Da have together developed their resort, hand building with some friends the superb dining room of the restaurant, as well as the bungalows clinging to the cliff.


Where to find us

From the port of Mae Haad, the entire road is now tarred. Arriving in view of Aow Leuk Beach, turn right at the intersection where the sign "Private Road" is located. Park on the parking 50m higher, from where you can reach the restaurant and reception down to the sea. The entrance of Aow Leuk is currently paying, but Chabalay guests enjoy free access to the beach.