Chabalay Resort 

Located in the heart of the sumptuous bay of Aow Leuk

Chabalay Resort has kept its charm and authenticity thanks to the state of mind of its owners.The resort has remained a family business. Zua and Da lead it admirably, providing a service of kindness and flawless quality.

Wooden Bungalows

1300 THB / NIGHT

The experience of sleeping in rooms clinging to the cliff, as if suspended above the water, is in itself a good reason to stay in Chabalay.

10 Reasons to stay in Chabalay

  • Sleep in the heart of one of the most beautiful bays of Koh Tao, whose turquoise colour and perfect clarity never cease to captivate the visitors.
  • In the early morning, kiss at a glance the sunrise on the sea, with head resting on the pillow
  • Swim with fish, turtles and baby sharks in one of the best snorkelling sites on the island.
  • Enjoy the delicacies of the local cuisine prepared by the Thai cooks.
  • Marvel at the kindness and hospitality of Da and Zua, the owners of Chabalay.
  • Find some flavours of the house where Western dishes are beautifully mastered.
  • Enjoy the deserted Aow Leuk beach at dawn or at sunset.
  • Appreciate the honourable selection of wines supplied by Chez Albert vineyard.
  • Contemplate the moon rising from the horizon sipping a cocktail from the terrace of the restaurant.
  • Fall asleep in your bungalow perched above the sea, rocked by the whispering waves.